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.: why i am
.: desires
.: wishes
.: mysteries
.: problems
.: feelings
::. content is king
::. keep it simple
::. have a theme
::. be consistent
::. learn from others
::. push
:. head space
:. horus project
:. kiiroi
:. natzke
:. snarg
:. rft
.:: 5k awards
.:: webmonkey
.:: hotscripts
.:: flashkit
.:: php.net
.:: mysql.com
if you like this design, check out "citrus". citrus is more bright and happy.
2open source.
Does "open source" mean free software? article.
3design info.
name : gemini
size : 8k
:.. i use homesite 4.5 to do all my design work. this page took me two hours. no images, many many tables.
4page usage.
:.. please feel free to use this design wherever you want [let me know, I would like to see your improvements :). I would like to know your thoughts on this design, how it could be improved etc. drop me a line.
simple designs have their place.
:: sometimes less is more. i never had the traditional design training, ive just always tried to follow my gut and keep it simple and clean. i try not to use flashy stuff to satisfy my ego or anything like that. flashy stuff is only good if it fits the theme and idea you are trying to portray.

:: my traditional design friends tell me to use a grid, and line up everything that way. i hesitate to follow such rigidity but, as a friend says, you have to learn and respect the rules before you can be justified in breaking them.

:: I got the idea for this site from hillmancurtis.com who says himself "Good design is stolen." ouch, that sort of sounds dishonest?? can you honestly say your work has not been influenced by another? maybe it was cool layout or icon you saw, maybe you cut and pasted the code yourself, maybe you just lie and tell people you designed apple.com. what hillmancurtis means, is not to plagerize, but grow and expand upon previous peoples ideas, never take credit for them, always give credit where credit is due. its good karma

hillmancurtis supports the opensource mentality of sharing inspiration. check out his own page on the matter inspiration :: sharing.
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